To maintain our nutrition as we age it can be quite an uphill struggle

We face more than ever, the onslaught of a diet that is overladen with fat, sugar and salt.

While we face that onslaught most of us are fighting at our natural disadvantage with a host of medical conditions. All that is required is the small incremental shift in daily eating decisions to gain a whole lot of health advantages. For any of you struggling with the obesity and obesity diabetes epidemic on an individual level, here are 4 simple healthy lifestyle changes you can make today. We are going to be changing our diets to one of the following: Reducing intake of processed grains like bagels, white bread, pastas. Increasing intake of high fiber, low calorie whole plants such as whole wheat breads, barley, quinoa, apples.

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EAT LESS PROCESSED GRAINS - Processed grains like bagels, white bread, pasta, and anything made from white flour are all known to lead to weight gain. When we eat them they give us quick energy and satisfy our craving for sugar. The problem is that it is the sugar and carbs we get from them that leads to a chronic low grade inflammation in the body. It is an inflammatory response to something it doesn’t understand. For example when we eat white flour, the body doesn’t understand what’s in there and it starts to produce antibodies (inflammation) that it doesn’t need.

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Another problem that we don’t even need to mention is that sugar and carbs also lead to metabolic diseases such as heart disease and type-2 diabetes. There is a simple way to avoid all these problems and you will start losing weight! You can make your diet better by avoiding all processed grains. You can also make it better by replacing white rice or white flour with whole grain brown rice and flour. Here is the best grain you can buy, quinoa. It is one of the most filling grains, loaded with plant protein, and has the highest amount of fiber per gram of any grain, so it won’t leave you feeling hungry and it will fill you up. If you are a big bread fan it may be time to find another meal replacement. You can find many meal replacements online that can help you avoid eating too many breads and pastas. Whole grain brown rice is made from ground whole grains and it is very filling when combined with a little meat, cheese or vegetables.

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And don't forget to take your daily dose of jumping rope to improve on the exercice of things!