How to set training goals to keep yourself motivated

I don't have a set training schedule yet, but I have my goals. I have my training goals.

I am going to focus more on my conditioning, which includes strength and conditioning, and double-unders with the jump rope. Now, the double-under training is very important for my overall training, and the more I can do the better.

jumping double unders

But I am also just going to do the basic thing, and that is to continue doing the basic thing, because if I do the more important things, I can become a better, stronger, faster, and more motivated person. And that is where I want to be. Once in a while you need to adjust your jump rope techniques but I feel like it is only going to get better. The more I progress and the more I get stronger, the more motivation I'll feel to train harder. And the more I train harder, the more I get stronger, the more motivation I'll feel.

🌞 ⌚ 💪

And the more motivation I feel, the more likely I am to train harder. And so for me to feel less motivation to train every day, I've got to feel the motivation to go harder and train harder. And I know, for me, that if I do my best to train as hard as I can, I can get to where I want to be.