Balance and flexibility workout for cardio enthusiasts

Try out this training jump rope warm-up routine!

Let's get started with a warm-up routine to get your body ready for an intense jump rope session. First, we're going to work on our balance by slightly bending one leg back, keeping the knee straight and heel flat on the floor. Slowly lower and bend to one side, then straighten the leg and repeat on the other side.

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Next, we're going to stretch out our arms and trunk. Sit back and keep your legs bent, with your buttock touching the floor. Pull your knee into your chest and your arm backwards against the floor. Hold for 10 deep breaths and repeat on the other side. For our next move, we'll work on our legs and balance with side lunges. Step out to the side with one leg, keeping the other leg straight. Repeat on the other side. We'll also work on our hip flexibility with hip circles. Sit on the floor with your legs together and hands on the floor in front or behind you.


Circle your hips back and forth, keeping your legs straight. Next, we'll work on our side flexibility with standing side bends. Step to the side with one leg straight, bending it knee-height, then bend to the side, bringing your buttock toward your leg. Repeat on the other side. We'll finish off the warm-up with a cat stretch and seated forward bend. Remember to keep your legs straight and hold each stretch for 10 deep breaths.


Now, let's get into the main event, jump rope! Jumping rope is a great cardio workout that also improves coordination, endurance and balance. It also helps to build bone density and burn calories. So, let's get ready to jump!